Oofos Women's Oomg Eezee Low Active Recovery Shoe - Black

By Oofos
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Please note: OOFOS recommends buying half a size up in this style.

Discover the comfort of Oofos' Oomg Eezee Low Active Recovery Shoes - designed to contour your foot and offer stress relief. Enjoy the benefits of Oomg Eezee technology while you move in low-impact, active recovery shoes that are lightweight and soft, giving you a comfortable all-day wear.

A different take on the classic, made with a unique 4-way stretch woven canvas-like material, these shoes contour the entire foot.

Exercise is demanding on your joints, particularly in areas like your feet and ankles. And after a long day or intense workout, that translates into fatigue, muscle tightness and pain, and soreness.

What if your shoes could reduce pressure and demand on your feet and joints? So instead of feeling fatigue, pain, and tightness, you were left feeling recharged? Magic, right? Actually, it’s science—the science behind OOFOS recovery footwear.

Revolutionary OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet and joints.

  • OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear.
  • Patented footbed design reduces stress on knees, ankles and other joints.
  • Closed-cell foam is machine washable and designed to minimize odor.