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About On
On was born in the Swiss alps with the goal of revolutionizing the sensation of moving. Whether you aim to go fast or slow, high or low, sprint or flow – our gear is ready for anything you are. With our patented technology and innovative design, we strive to impact your every move. And with a focus on sustainable materials, our work to minimize our impact on the environment never stops.

CloudTec® Cushioning

CloudTec® is the first cushioning system, which is only active during the landing and provides an explosive push-off. By linking clouds together, we created an outsole that adapts to you. Compressing vertically and horizontally before expanding. Maintaining your momentum and propelling your forward. Experience soft landings and explosive take-offs with every step.

We carry many styles of On including; Cloudgo, Cloud 5, Cloud 5 Waterproof, Cloudmonster, Cloudswift, Cloud 5 Push, Cloudrunner, Cloudrunner Waterproof, Cloud X 3, Cloudvista, Cloudvista Waterproof, Cloudflow & more!