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Introducing the Cloudeasy - where sustainability and style seamlessly converge in the form of a minimalist, all-day sneaker that transcends expectations.

Less Parts, Less Impact: At Cloudeasy, we've redefined sneaker design by halving the standard number of parts, creating a shoe that not only feels but looks good enough for all-day, everyday performance. Each Cloudeasy sneaker is meticulously crafted from just 15 carefully selected pieces, chosen for their impeccable fit, function, comfort, and sustainability. We made the process look easy, but in reality, it was a conscious effort to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Feel-Good, Made Easy: The half Speedboard® featured in our Cloudeasy sneakers not only saves on waste but also leverages the technical expertise from our running shoes to provide a responsive ride. Meanwhile, the full-knit upper, constructed from 100% recycled polyester, offers lightweight comfort without compromising on sustainability. It's the perfect fusion of sustainable style and all-day wearability.

It's in the Details: Our commitment to maximizing potential while minimizing our environmental footprint goes beyond the surface. We've incorporated reversible webbing for the lace eyelets and the heel tab, providing not only an aesthetic touch but also a sustainable way to get two looks out of one material. It's all about the thoughtful details that make Cloudeasy stand out.

So, meet the Cloudeasy - a sneaker that embodies sustainability and style effortlessly. With its pared-back design, reduced carbon footprint, and all-day cushioning, it's more than just a shoe; it's a statement of conscious living and mindful fashion. Throw on your Cloudeasy sneakers and go about your day, knowing that each step you take leaves a lighter footprint on our planet.